Moving Target

Moving Target

The Moving Target System provides added realism to your training by  providing a target that will not only turn to present enemy or friend faces and pop  up, but will also move at various speeds between cover, peer around corners or  from windows.  

The heart of the system is the mover motor drive unit which provides both control of up to two ITU90SH target units mounted on the mover  target trolley with the propulsion of the mover target trolley by means of a nylon-coated steel cable.  The motor  provides variable speeds from 0 to 5 metres per second whilst retaining accurate positioning and ability to stop at 0.5 metre intervals along the track.  The length of the track depends upon the size of the site/building in which the mover is to be placed.  

The Moving Target System controller is an integrated computer program which communicates with  the mover using the communications technology, i.e.  a radio  transceiver link system, or with a single twisted pair cable link to provide remote control at distances of up to 1500m.


All of the target turning and trolley movements may be manually controlled or pre- programmed by the operator to provide a highly accurate, consistent training  scenario. 

The Moving Target System works with an input voltage of 110V/230V AC (50Hz) and provides outputs in 13.8V DC for the attached ITU90SH target units.