The sturdy and compact design of the ITU90SH target unit provides a lightweight, easily portable unit complete with an internal battery and the added ability to operate from external 12 Volt power sources.  Any number of units can be built into a static range and yet retain their portability when required.  The unit is capable of showing either face from a central ‘edge on’ position (i.e. two-way turn).  The target mechanism will also provide swing out and, with additional brackets, slice, vertical rise and pop-up mode (a standard torso target can be lifted in the pop-up mode).

The target unit can also activate virtually all known simulations, retaliatory fire, night shooting illuminations and many of the other electronic signalling equipment currently in use.  The ITU90SH is truly the intelligent target unit having as a nerve centre its own microprocessor allowing it to communicate to and, in return, receive information from its controller.

Control of the ITU90SH can be made via Radio Frequency (RF),  Wifi (2.4/5Ghz) or hard wired cable.   The Shield produced control software allows independent or group programming of the target systems to suit the training requirements.

The ITU90SH unit can be fitted with a versatile range of target adaoptor brackets that can provide the following configurations:-

  • Pop Up
  • Swing Out
  • Turning 
  • Rising Target

Product Specifications

  • Size 330 mm (L) x 160 mm (W) x 178 mm (D)
  • Frame Size 555 mm (L) x 230 mm (W) x 268 mm (H) 
  • Weight 12 kg, with frame 19.8 kg 
  • Max Height 390 mm, with frame 415mm
  • Motor Electric motor, minimum noise with in-built brake 
  • Power Supply Internal 12v maintenance-free sealed battery